With HotGloo you can design interactive prototypes.

Usability test your clickable prototypes.

Your prototypes are finally coming to life. Getting an accurate feel for the information architecture, the interactivity and the usability of a website is one of the most important aspects of any web project and HotGloo makes it easy and accurate. With HotGloo your web projects finally come to life in the most important stage, the prototype process. Since HotGloo is an online application you can even co-work with team members in realtime or send previewlinks to clients for gathering feedback and apply changes quickly without touching a line of code.

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Who is is prototyping with HotGloo?

"HotGloo is perfect for testing ideas out. It's simple enough to set up a flow and see what happens, which ultimately allows the project to get better quicker. If only HotGloo came out in the late 90's the internet would be ten times better than it is today."

Mark Unger, Director of Interactive/Partner, Push