Choose an innovative online prototype tool over classic desktop software.

Why choose an online prototyping tool?

You are still using an outdated desktop software solution? How are you collaborating with others? Are you still sending files via email just to realize after you've hit the send button that you'd need to amend some changes? With HotGloo there is is nothing to download and nothing to install. You just sign-up to your account and start wireframing. With tons of video tutorials, a getting started guide, premade UI stencils and much much more it's really easy to build your first wireframe project in almost no time.

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What are the benefits of prototyping in the cloud?

  • total flexibility
  • nothing to download
  • nothing to install
  • nothing to maintain
  • automatic software updates
  • work from anywhere
  • collaborate in real-time
  • initial preview of your working prototype
  • interactive wireframing
  • shared UI stencil library
  • document control
  • organize your team in 1 account
  • only 1 account needed for your whole company
  • increased security