Create better concepts with a prototype creation tool.

Tell a story through prototyping.

HotGloo has been designed to create interactive prototypes and wireframes. HotGloo helps you to visualize planning processes, co-work with team members and coordinate website contents with stakeholders. Create blueprints of a website or a mobile app and tell a story through prototypes to let your clients finally experience not only what their furture website is going to look like but also how it's going to behave.

Why this is your next prototype software?

HotGloo is web-based, collaborative, intuitive and highly interactive. With HotGloo, it's possible for several users to work on one project at the same time. Unless other prototype tools our environment is simple and intuitive and requires a low learning curve for its use. Working with HotGloo finally makes the painful task of walking clients and developers through wireframes easy and engaging. Just imagine you could experience something on your own, clicking yourself through the prototype of a website and experience it before it's even built.

Who is is going mobile with HotGloo?

"From creating high fidelity wireframes to prototyping responsive websites, HotGloo is an invaluable asset in our designer's toolbox"

Jesse Chas - Designer @Digital Ocean