Plan your website structure with a prototyping software.

Prototyping with HotGloo.

HotGloo has been designed to create interactive prototypes, and wireframes. This prototype tool can be used to help visualize planning processes in web projects and to co-work with team members. Curious?

Why choose HotGloo for prototyping?

At HotGloo we've set the focus on 3 things: usability, innovation and communication. Unless other prototype tools our environment is simple and intuitive with a very low learning curve. We've also compiled a comprehensive guide that will help you getting started prototyping in almost no time. With HotGloo it's possible to co-work on one project as a team at the same time and communicate over prototypes with the help of feedback messages. HotGloo is being updated constantly to guarantee we are on the forefront of innovation. A prototyping tool tailored for you. A wireframe / prototyping tool that has been designed with a low learning curve in mind and for everyone involved in web and mobile projects. So whether you are a project manager, an information architect, a UX expert or working with a small project group or a large agency - this prototyping software is tailored for you.

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