Plan your digital projects with a collaborative prototyping software.

Prototype together with HotGloo.

Edit, comment & share every part of your workflow, thanks to realtime collaboration with built in chat function. Assign colleagues as editors to co-work on projects, clients as reviewers to make comments or send them preview links to keep them updated constantly. You don't need to upload any wireframesto a server since they are created on the web which also means that you can benefit from a lot of "web-only" features like a growing number of UI stencils in HotGloos very own wireframe stencil library.

prototype with team
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Why choose HotGloo to create prototypes?

At HotGloo we've set the focus on three apects: usability, innovation and communication. Unless other wireframing tools our environment is simple and intuitive with a very low learning curve in mind. We've also compiled a wireframe guide that will help you getting started wireframing with HotGloo in less than 20min. With HotGloo it's possible to co-work with your team on a project at the same time and communicate over wireframes with the help of feedback messages. HotGloo is being updated constantly to guarantee we can deliver the perfect experience when it comes to a professional prototype tool.

Who is is using HotGloo as prototype tool?

"It’s the interplay of great flexibility and predefined functional standard UI elements which makes prototyping efficient and fun.”

Christof Autengruber - UX Director